Track Our Progress

Motivate us by checking updates on our progress leading up to and throughout the walk. We are currently training for the long journey that  awaits us and would like to invite you to follow our progress as it unfolds. Every Tuesday we will upload pictures and videos of our training. You may check out our updated fitness profiles weekly, as our bodies and fitness levels are likely to change throughout the coming weeks! Feel free to comment below with your positive feedback. 

                                Shingi Gorman


 Last updated: June 22rd 2014


Weight: 129 lbs ( 59 kgs)

Height: 5 f 2 inches (157 cm)

chest: 35.5 inches

Roght arm: 13 inches

Waist: 35 inches

Thigh: 24 inches

Carf: 15 inches

                                  Vinni Gorman


Last Updated: June 22rd 2014


Weight: 154 lbs (69 kg)

Height: 5f 9 inches (175 cm)

Body Fat Percentage: 12 %


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