Go Go Gormans


We put the “GO” in Gorman


Greetings Everyone!

Welcome to Go Go Gormans and thanks for stopping by to check us out. In taking the time to visit our blog, you have taken the first step (or the first of many) towards providing positive parenting for your child, or children, and in creating a positive tomorrow, today!

This blog was created for you; be it you’re a young parent, are expecting, or simply wish to pick up a few more pointers along the way. Whatever the case may be, there is undoubtedly something to be found here for everyone who faces, or has faced the day to day struggles of raising their kid/s, which is where we wish to come in.

We wish to provide you the resources, information and imperative knowledge on how to manage and deal with the impact of unplanned pregnancies, as well as help keep you positive throughout ‘the good, the bad, and the ugly”. Parenthood is not a walk in the park, this we know of firsthand, and only wish we had known beforehand. You may keep updated on topics pertaining to parenting on our “Positive Parenting Topics” page.

We are here to educate you (and even ourselves!) on the true reality of parenthood and the important role that we, as parents play in our kids day to day lives, growth, and ultimately development; and how to play that role positively.

This year we will embark on our 1st fundraising event and wish to raise awareness of organizations that help support young parents who face the many challenges of unplanned pregnancies. We will organize and participate in a sponsored walk titled: Yonge Walk 4 Young Parents and walk the once renowned worlds longest street, Yonge Street in Toronto, Canada.


For more information on our walk, please click  HERE and take the time to browse through our blog to learn more about us and who we are, what we wish to achieve, as well as what inspired us to put this together.

To  donate or to sponsor our fundraising walk, please Click Here 

You can contact us, please check out our Go Go Gormans  or follow us on Twitter @gogogormans.

To get involved, please fill out a Volunteer Form.


E-mails may be sent to: shingigorman14@gmail.com / vinnibgorman@gmail.com


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